Why us
Food safety is also a major concern right now for many customers. Our Smart Burger Vending Machine solves all of these issues. It uses smart sales terminals and Internet remote control to meet consumers' demands for both convenience and speed. At the same time, it guarantees food safety through the tracking of food ingredients and the process of cold-chain distribution. Particularly in this time of social distancing and trying to flatten the curve of COVID-19 cases, this vending machine is one of the safest food solutions out there, as there is no need to come into close contact with anyone, and all food is made on the spot and wrapped properly before the customer retrieves it.
  • 24/7 Unmanned Operation of Machine

  • Aseptic Cold/Frozen Storage

  • Up to 60-Second Heating Efficiently

  • Cloud Data Real-time Monitoring Systems

  • Big Data in the Cloud monitors, analyses, and controls at all times

  • Cold-chain delivery throughout whole process

  • App for machine locations, placing orders and more

  • Maintains food safety and quality

  • Saves businesses on the cost of labor and 24/7 operation

  • Ideal solution for food businesses and customers alike during the pandemic

  • In the era of cloud technology and digital development, people's life rhythm is gradually accelerating. The changes in consumption concepts, consumption patterns, and the pursuit of quality of life are also changing with each passing day. In the U.S. market, which is open 24 hours a day and always maintains food safety, fast storefronts are far from meeting demand. Botast creates a new era of integration of artificial intelligence and food. Through scientific matching, food safety tracking, highly standardized production, and full cold chain distribution, the safety of food and the novelty and uniformity of taste are ensured. Intelligent sales terminals are used to remotely control the entire process through the Internet to meet consumer quality needs.
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